Circuit for Philips model 1203 radio.

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? Circuit for Philips model 1203 radio. 
13.Nov.13 07:02

Ron Pond (AUS)
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I am looking for a circuit diagram for a 1931 Philips model 1203 highboy console radio.

This model was sold here in Australia but I am not sure if it was imported from Holland or manufactured here.

I have seen one model 1203 whose line input voltage is 220vac, a voltage which was never used here in Australia. A small factory fitted stepdown transformer is installed in the radio. This makes me think the 1203 may have been first designed and manufactured in Europe.

My model 1203 has a line input voltage of 240vac, whish was then the Australian standard voltage.

Valve lineup is; 506 rect, E442S rf, B443 output.

All resistors and capacitors have no values marked on them and I would like to make sure the design values are adhered to.

Any help finding a circuit diagram would be much appreciated.

Ron Pond.

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I need this schematic 
13.Nov.13 07:42
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Wolfgang Bauer (A)
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Wolfgang Bauer

Hallo Ron,

go to the model side ==> Philips 1203 ==> My model ==> I need this schematic.

If the diagram has been uploaded, you will be informed by mail.

Please load up photos of your device to the model, which can also help to find the wiring diagram.

Regards WB.

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