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Wyndsor company advertisement, published in The BBC Yearbook

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Gary Cowans
Gary Cowans
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05.May.22 01:25
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Wyndsor company advertisement, published in The BBC Yearbook, 1961, Page 96.

In stating that the British Public is a cautious congregation were tape recorders are concerned (see this page, last year) we either maligned the dear old B.P. or spurred them out of their inherent caution.

Facts and figures now show that enough of us have wildly adventured into making our own recordings at home to give Great Britain the highest percentage of tape-recorder ownership in the world.

But how wild is the adventure? A good recorder in the forty /fifty pounds bracket will capture sound with an astonishingly high standard of fidelity. Playback is immediate, simple, background noise-free, and lasting; operation is child-simple.

Of course, there are tape recorders and tape recorders. In the main, it is those manufacturers with the averred policy of maximum performance with simplicity of operation that is responsible for the quiet revolution which is making the tape recorder as domesticated as the gramophone, radio, and television.

The Wyndsor Recording Company has been ringleaders in the revolt since the uprising began. Wyndsor tape recorders are meticulously made and rigorously tested through a gauntlet of Test Bays. Everyone has to achieve all the standards quoted in the detailed specification published on the leaflet.
This means individual alignment, frequency response measurement, signal-to-noise ratio tests, etc.

Wyndsor's know-how not only carries back to the beginnings of tape recorder manufacture but forward to special designs for the nuclear program.

Wyndsors are always ahead; every model is unique, developed, and evolved by a design team that has concentrated exclusively on tape recording for eleven years.
If your interest is whetted and you would like details of Wyndsor tape recorders at prices that only experience and efficiency can attain, send a postcard to the makers. You will find them helpful people who know their job and are happy to send you evidence that they do it well.


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