const-am-o: 1930-1945; Miscellaneous

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14.May.09 15:47

Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014 (D)
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

The "model" miscellaneous homebrew was created to cover such items. Any kind of such things can be uploaded there as picture only. The uploader of the picture is stated there.

It is a collective page, since such items are nor retrievable in the sense of an encyclopedia. Thats why data must  not go to the page itself, only into the picture legend.

We established it as a courtesy for our members, to display things which are neither series products, nor have an official name, nor are found in the literature.

We are establishing an encyclopedia, not a collection inventory. 

It is "my"(empty) page, but the pictures are Yours. They are bearing Your name!



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