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Contest-grade double-tuned crystal radio set

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling Bernhard Nagel 
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Dejan Momirov
Dejan Momirov
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24.Feb.12 19:53

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Dear RM,

In 2004 I made an crystal radio and joined the Enver Memorial Contest. The set performed so good, that I decided, now beeing member of RM, to share it with others. As attachment I send also some pcs, shematics and the contest-log.

This is the first time I bring something to the Forum, so excuse me if I have made some mistakes.

Best regards,

Dejan Momirov


EE: 26.2.12: Doc file deleted - I could not open and others believe there is a "orm" or virus.


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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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25.Feb.12 21:22

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Dear Dejan
Well done, gratulations!
What I can't open is the last attachment: Contest Set Description.

Here you can see an other very fine crystal detector - but the article is in German - but you see interesting pictures. It is the best I know of ... Most important are the circuits ... besides naturally antenna and earth ... (place, time, season, sun activity etc.)

Dietmar Rudolph
Dietmar Rudolph
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27.Feb.12 09:53

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Dear Dejan,

Under Linux with Libre Office it was possible to open the Contest Set Description .doc file and to convert it to a .pdf file. However, after this the PC crashed!? Therefore probably something may be suspicious with your .doc file. 

Contest Set Description



Robert Weaver
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27.Feb.12 10:29

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Nice work Dejan, At some point I'll have to try building one of these.


BTW, I had no problem opening the original .doc file with Open Office on my Macintosh computer.

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Dejan Momirov
Dejan Momirov
RS  Articles: 33
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13.Mar.12 19:05

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I would like to ad some more data about this set: The set description (I understand that there were problems opening it) and the contest results.