Cossor a famous UK radio manufacturer

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Cossor a famous UK radio manufacturer 
12.Oct.03 11:55

Karel Van Doorslaer (B)
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Karel Van Doorslaer

Ac Cossor started in 1859 long before the radio days.

Thermometers and barometers were made. The factory was in Highbury,London.

In 1902 the started making tubes.Around 1922 the started selling radios in kit form under the name "King of the air" and "Melody Maker". In 1930 the fist complete radio saw light.The factory became to smal and a second one was build. Radio cabinets were produced here.They were also one of the leading pioneers in valve development.During WW II  the developed the radar reciever for the UK radar Defence system and the continued this ,with succes, after the war.

The producing of radiosets went to the background and ended in the late '60.


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