farnsworth: Crystal vs. Magnetic Pick-ups

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farnsworth: Crystal vs. Magnetic Pick-ups 
27.Aug.18 20:22

David Erali (USA)
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We received the following comment from Robert Mersey (guest);

Just a note to say that you have your information wrong on the 1948 ,
 1949 Capehart 41-E changers,,, they didn't use crystal pick-ups, they
 used GE magnetic cartridges on all 41-E units..

I asked him to provide more detail and received the following response:

 Hi Dave, one place I found that information is in Bob Baumbachs' book where he has a "Capehart Hardware Chart", (sorry no page number). At the bottom of the page where it shows the 1946-1947 on 1949 41-E changers. It states that the curved arm changers used Crystal pick-ups.  Also,  Ernst Erb had a page from somewhere, maybe "Riders", where he copied the chart .That is where I originally found the incorrect info.

regards, Bob

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