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Do you have an Acme brand tube?

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Larry Anderson
Larry Anderson
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06.Jun.18 18:04

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have an Acme brand 38A tube in UY style. I would like to think it could be set up as a brand. But Acme is somewhat generic and did the rebranders use a wash and then stick on this lable. Does anyone have an Acme brand tube or its box? Hopefully we can find a few examples and find a manufactuer that used the Acme brand.



Roy Johnson
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09.Jun.18 11:11

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Hello Larry

I can find no trace of a tube manufacturer with this name or even a re-seller.

The problem is that there were a number of companies using the ACME name for products.

I believe it likely that it was probably supplied as part of a kit radio. An example is HERE from Randolf who used the ACME name for kits.

Perhaps further searches could identiy the logo on the label to locate the seller, but this may be difficult! It would good if folk with any "Acme" branded sets could check the tubes.

I am not inclined to treat ACME as a brand therefore.  If it were from a kit, the seller would not have been a tube retailer per se and therefore it would not be considered a brand of tube.

Kind regards,






Mark Hippenstiel
Mark Hippenstiel
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09.Jun.18 14:46

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I have dug through many search result pages on americanradiohistory who have a very complete archive of radio magazines. While there are many ACME companies, none of the advertisements I saw showed this particular style of logo.

This does not mean that one of those companies did not use a sticker like the one shown, of course - and perhaps I have overlooked something.

A search over dead trademarks at the search engine of the US trademark and patent office also came up empty.

As for the significance of the label as such, I agree with Roy.

Best regards