Edison vertical cut records

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Edison vertical cut records 
31.Oct.10 02:14

Georg Richter (D)
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Georg Richter

Those who are not familiar with the Edsion vertical cut records should remember the original warning and hints regarding reproducing and cleaning:

Playing of those records with steel needles will finally damage the "microscopic sound-wave endulations"!

Cleaning with alcohol (etc.) or soaking with water is forbidden because the records are not of the common shellac material (which also will melt by using alcohol). If they are dusty or dirty I would recommend to polish them with a microfiber cloth. Despite the thicknes of 1/4" (6,25mm) the records must be handled carefully and are fragile if plumped on the edge.

Nowadays you can play those records on a modern stereo turntable with a 65µ (2.5mil) stylus. Stereo is necessary to enable the audio restauration software to remove clicks, pops and noise from both channels separately. If the restauration process is finished it is a must to split the stereo signal and invert one of the channels to get finally a monaural sound. Otherwise you will hear the noise only, but not the signal.

Because the recording speed of 78 or 80 rpm is not mentioned on the records (but on some record sleeves from which you you hope it will originally belong to your record) you can adjust the speed for best result with your software by multiplication with 1.02564. If your turntable does not provide 78 rpm you can play on 45 rpm and use a multiplicator of 1.73333 - but it wil also shift the rumble frequencies.

Audacity (freeware) is recommended for speed adjustment and inverting.

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