faneacoust: 601; Ionofane

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This article refers to the model: Ionofane 601 (Fane Acoustics Ltd., Batley, Yorkshire)

faneacoust: 601; Ionofane 
23.Jan.12 21:57

Leif Aden (S)
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The pictures are from my workshop and shows the Ionofane parts in a box, the other pictures shows original power supply and my project to restore the power supply with used and new parts.

The original transformer is an autotransformer, I have replaced it with a Tandberg 220V primary transformer with secondary windings for AC 300V and AC 6.3V just to make it more reliable.

So now I'm waiting for a modulation transformer, this small transformer should fit in the box together with the parts as shows in the picture.

My intentions is to make this product as near original as possible without spending too much money.

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