faneacoust: 601; Ionofane

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This article refers to the model: Ionofane 601 (Fane Acoustics Ltd., Batley, Yorkshire)

faneacoust: 601; Ionofane 
29.Jan.12 10:26

Leif Aden (S)
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The Visaton transformer has arrived, I hope it will work I'm not shure about the quality as it is a line transformer used in PA installations.

The transformer seems to be made as a mains transformer not EI with air gap configuration like an audio transformer, I have run a simple test, from ~3kHz to 20kHz and it has a resonable frequency response.

The guys at Sowter can make a much better transformer, but it will be very expensive.

I also have done some cleaning and resoldering, a kind of remake using PTFE sleeves.

As one can see the chokes connected to tube sockets and the feedthrough capacitors is not a good idea, I will mount the feedtrough caps so I can take the assy' out as a package.



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