GE adds the following 6 Radio Model families in 1959

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GE adds the following 6 Radio Model families in 1959 
26.Apr.11 11:22

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

I was researching data for a General Electric model P-797-D and found this helpful information to be worked into the mentioned model pages - especially the year of market introduction:

"The Billboard" in its sixty-fifth year (price 50 cents) calls itself "The amusement industry's leading Newsweekly". In its issue of January 12, 1959, beginning on page 20, it brings the following announcement: "Six Models Added to G-E Radio Line". The following is here of interest: "Heading the line is the "Cross-Country" Model P-780 with a retail price of $ 75. It has 8 transistors plus one crystal diode and features a tuned RF stage for long-range reception even in cars, planes, trains or boats. Case has chrome plated metal front grille and luggage-type folding handle, 5 1/4 inch speaker, vernier slide-rule tuning, and extra-large 9 1/2 inch ferrite rod antenna, dial light. Will play about 500 hours on one set of ordinary flashlight batteries.

Model P-776 styled in saddle-stitched ginger leather with a gold grille, has seven transistors plus one crystal diode, a 4 inch speaker, dial light, ferrite rod antenna. It provides about 400 hours of normal play and is priced $ 59.95.

Models P-770 and P-771, priced at $ 49.95, each feature seven transistors plus one diode, high impact case with retractable handle styled in antique white and mocha (P-770) or two-tone green (P-771; 4 inch speaker, dial light, 400 hours.

Models P-795 for $ 39.95 with cases of saddle stitched simulated leather with a contrasting grille in high impact plastic, are available in black and white for model P-795, blue and white for P-796 and beige and cocoa for P-797. About 200 hours of play.

A seven-transistor pocket radio, styled in ebony and white for model P-785, antique white for model P-786 or wedgewood blue and white for model P-787, priced $ 49.95. They are 6 inches long, 3 3/8 inches high and 1 3/4 inches thin, weight 16 ounces including batteries. Operates 50 hours on low-cost carbon pen-light cells or 150 hours with mercury batteries. May also be used with model P-15 leather recharger - travel case, which includes nickel-cadmium batteries which may be recharged for up to 10,000 hours of play.

The other new all-transistor pocket radio is priced at $ 29.95 and is available in antique white as model P-805 or wedgewood blue as model P-806. 5 transistors plus one diode, high impact polystyrene case, 3 1/2 inch speaker, plays 150 hours on one set of batteries.

Carried over from the 1958 line are an all-transistor pocket radio, priced at $ 39.95 in ebony model P-745, or turquoise and white as P-746 and a three-way portable radio, $ 29.95 in ebony and white as P-671 or sage green and white as P-674.

Pocket radios are equipped with earphone jacks which are available as an accessory as carrying cases are available for most models. Portable radios will be available at retail level in the early spring, with the exception of model P-780, which will be available in June.

The same issue of Billboard can be used for dating also models of other brand. Thanks to Google we can read quite many such issues. By searching with the term transistorradio and billboard and then clicking (left column) "Books" one gets about 645 results. Best is to go for years as the third term, starting at 1954 ... You can also use the manufacturer name or brand instead and leave transistorradio away.

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