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grundig: 5080 Hi-Fi Zauberklang; Konzertgerät

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Phil Roseberg
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09.Dec.06 20:57

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Dear Radiomuseum,

I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I'm having with a Grundig 5080 that I have been extensively repairing following what looks like a voltage overload (new transformer, rectifier, smoothing resistor R84 and several components in the audio stage).

The audio stage now works well from the TA input, but the radio signal is weak and the volume control has to be turned up nearly to maximum to get a normal sound. This occurs on both FM and AM, and the magic eye hardly moves when a station is tuned in.

I would also like to know if anyone has experience of repairing the electrostatic tweeters on this model?

Many thanks,

Phil (London)

Alfred Menner
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09.Dec.06 21:37

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please see here:


mfG a.m.

Roy Johnson
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09.Dec.06 23:44

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Dear Phil,

As the Grundig experts have not yet replied, let me ask a few questions.

Have the valves been tested and Ok?

How are the voltages in the RF and IF stages?  Do they agree with the schematic or look correct?

Have coupling capacitors been tested/replaced as these are a usual source of problems?

Resistor values checked?  Particularly those of 22k and above tend to go high.

Answers to these may help the real experts to advise!

Best regards,



Phil Roseberg
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15.Dec.06 00:16

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Thankyou very much for your assistance. An exchange of valves did not change the symptoms, but I will carry out the voltage checks and the checks on the resistors and capacitors as you suggest and get back to you.

Happy Christmas,