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grundig: 600 professional; Satellit

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Júlio Branco
Júlio Branco
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07.Aug.14 21:25

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Hello friends of the radio,


I have a satellit 600 with several problems. The most serious is that only works digitally switched to battery. When I turn on the AC power cord to the radio now has a very low sound, and the display is presented with a huge instability, ie the very fast pass frequency was tuned to the batteries when connected to the digits of the hour with very low sound. But if I keep it plugged into AC, but I will not move, after more or less 15 to 30 minutes, the radio stabilizes and starts to work normally, however, despite being typically working digitally, I cannot switch the radio to work analogically, ie pass it by tuning dial.


Conclusion: analogy does not work and when connected to the batteries only works on the display


Any friend can give me some tips for me to try to resolve this fault?

Thank you for your attention, regards


Júlio Branco, from Portugal, Lisbon


Ruben Garcia Bayon
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13.Aug.14 17:53

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Hello Julio.

I can't completelly understand your problem. May be you believe that this is a analog and digital radio, and there is not. It's a digital one with a analog preselector for AM (200 Khz to 26.1 Mhz). On FM it's only digital.

About your problem with AC, I think that it's posible that the main electrolitic condenser from the power supply are faulty.

Could you clarify the problem? You can anwer  in portugues or spanish, and late I will try to translate it.


Regards / Saludos