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hammarl-mf: ; CometPro

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Robin Roeckers
Robin Roeckers
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17.Nov.09 03:13

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Hello, Everyone!

I have access to photos of the Hammarlund Comet Pro with the number 7031 as a model distinction.  I have attached a couple of photos to hopefully get some idea as to which RMorg model to add them to.

I hope we can find a good home for these

Thank you for any help you can give!



Martin Bösch
Martin Bösch
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17.Nov.09 19:19

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Hallo Robin, very nice set:
as far as I know (relying on informations from R.S.Moore, Communications Receivers, 4th ed.) it seems to be a variant 2 set:
If You have access to the set, please have a look at the tube layout:
- early Var. 1 sets came with tubes 24A, 27, 35, 35, 24A, 27, 27, 80 and had no shield cans over the plug-in coils, antenne terminals with two screws (A, G)

- Var. 2.: with tubes 57, 58, 58, 58, 57, 58, 247, 80, had metal shield cans over the plug-in coils (I think, we can see these on your pictures), antenna terminal with three screws (A1,A2, G)

- Var. 3: similar tube layout, but 2A5 as AF output tube, BFo knob on front panel

- Var. 4: similar but with additional crystal filter switch and control on frontpanel

- Var. 5: similar, AVC tube 2B7, AVC switch on front panel

Obviously, Hammarlund's engineers seem to have improved the circuitry often without model number change, there have been different tube sets for battery and DC mains operation.

Kind regards Martin