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Help identify German tube analyzer

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George Papaiz
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05.Apr.19 22:32

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Greetings from Canada.

I would appreciate any help identifyng the manufacturer of this German tube analyzer dated 1946, photos attached.  The "MSE 1a" model designation suggests Siemens, but I am uncertain. The schematic does not indicate the manufacturer, nor does it provide values for the resistors, which would have been helpful.


George Papaiz





Henning Oelkers
Henning Oelkers
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06.Apr.19 12:46

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Hello, George,

to me this looks like a "Subsitution Tester" for testing different Tubes to be used.

This tester has no Power Supply, and needs a Radio Chassis to be powered.

After WW2 there was a Lack in Supply of new Tubes of various Types, but other Types, like for Military Equipment could be found. Often these were of unknown Type and Condition, and with this Tester it should be possible to find a match. If found, then the Socket on the Chassis could be changed to adapt to the Tube.

It's just an Idea. Maybe it helps.

Best Regards,


George Papaiz
CDN  Articles: 4
Schem.: 12
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06.Apr.19 21:46

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Hi Henning,

Thanks for your reply.

Tube cards showing parameters, included with the tester, (see attachement) lead me to believe testing tube performance in circuit was the primary function, much like the Neuberger Adapter-Prufgerat WA239 of 1936.

Kind regards.