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hewlett-pa: 710A; Power Supply Unit

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Pius Steiner
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25.Sep.12 10:22

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"From HP Catalog 18A" Laboratory Instruments", Copyrighted 1945."

Light weight
Excellent regulation
Low noise
Variable output
Low cost

Test set-ups
"Breadboard" layouts
Low-level amplifiers
Stable oscillators

The -hp- Model 710A Power Supply is an excellent source of DC power for every laboratory and production department use. It has been designed to give the ultimate in flexibility, compactness, portability, and economy. Output is continuously variable between 180 and 360 volts, and is practically independent of either line voltage or applied load for any setting. The noise and hum level is very low for any condition of operation. The output is stable over long periods of time. Its small size requires a minimum of bench space when in use, and little storage space when idle. Since many set-ups which call for a source of well-regulated DC also require an AC source for supplying filaments, a center-tapped, 6.3 volt source which will supply 5 amps AC has been included in addition. The low cost makes it practical and economical to employ many of them.


Because of its stability and low noise level, the -hp-- Model 710A Power Supply can be used in place of batteries in many applications. In such service its long life, dependability, and portability result in real savings, both in time and money. It may be used to power low-level amplifiers, constant-frequency oscillators, and any equipment requiring a voltage source of high stability. One of its outstanding uses is in supplying power for temporary set-ups, "breadboard" layouts, and the like, where its exceptional flexibility makes it applicable in countless ways.


Voltage Range: Output continuously variable from 180 to 360 volts. Either positive or negative output terminal may be grounded. 6.3 volts AC, center-tapped, also provided.

Regulation: Output constant to approximately 1% for loads of from 0 to 75 ma and line voltage variations of plus or minus 10%, for any setting. A maximum of 100 milliamperes can be drawn.

Noise and Hum: Total noise and hum is less than 0.005 volts for any condition of operation.

Input Power: 115 volts 50/60 cycles. 90 watts full load.

Mounting: Wrinkle gray finish. Panel size  7¼" x 8". Cabinet depth  11¾".

Weight: 18 lbs. Shipping weight 25 lbs.

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