tokyo-roku: How the emi-corder was (most probably) used

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This article refers to the model: Emi corder SM-205TW (Tokyo Rokuon Kogyo Corp.; Tokyo)

tokyo-roku: How the emi-corder was (most probably) used 
23.Aug.17 11:27

Hubert Eisner (A)
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By its price tag of $15, this tape recorder was cleary positioned as a toy. For a professional recorder (like the Magnemite) you had to pay ten times as much, meaning more that a month’s income at that time. On the other hand the SM-205 TW was good enough for reasonable quality voice recording.

The previous owner of this item that is part of my collection now told me its history. The parents of a US soldier stationed in one of the East Asian war theatres (most probably Korea) stayed in contact with their son by exchanging ‘audio postcards’ recorded on the small 3” reels via the Army Postal Service.

Unfortunately, none of these original recordings have survived.

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