How to upload collectors' prices

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How to upload collectors' prices 
06.Sep.10 18:23

Thomas Albrecht (USA)
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Thomas Albrecht

One of the easiest ways for members to contribute information to is by uploading collectors' prices.  One of the easiest places to find prices to report is on eBay.  Here is an example of how a sale price from eBay can be uploaded:

1.  Go to eBay, and search on a particular brand (or just "antique radio").  Display "completed listings" only (if you're logged into eBay, you can click on "show only completed listings" on the left side a ways down the screen).  I picked Philco, and of the many recent sales that came up, I picked this model 38-7, which sold for $125 on September 5, 2010:

2.  Log into using your id and password, and then from the home page, do a search for Philco model 38-7 by entering the information in the red circles below:

3.  After you hit enter, a page will come up showing that there happens to be three different versions of Philco model 38-7.  The "38-7T" version is the one that matches our radio (if you don't know, you can click and view the pictures until you find the one that matches).  After clicking on 38-7T, the model page for that model comes up as shown below.  Then click on the "Uploads and questions" pull-down menu and select "Price upload" as shown below (make sure you have pop-ups enabled, at least temporarily):


When the pop-up below appears, you can enter the information from the eBay ad as I have done here, stating the date, the venue (eBay), the price, the condition of the chassis (if known), and the condition of the cabinet (if known).  You can also add a few comments as I did in the box to be more specific (optional).  Then hit "Save" and the job is done:

5.  Now if you return to the Philco 38-7T model page, and scroll down a bit, you'll see that the price you just uploaded is already displayed:

That's it!  If you know how to find things on eBay, and are comfortable filling in a few blanks, you can do this.  Takes only a few minutes.

You don't have to get the price information from eBay.  If you go to a swap meet, and see some radios sold (not just offered) at particular prices, jot down the information and you can upload it.  Likewise, if you yourself buy or sell a radio (swap meet, eBay, classified ad, or the like), you can upload the information.  One could also peruse the online classified ads in one of the many antique radio websites, and report sale prices when a transaction is completed (be sure to properly credit the source in the remarks when you upload).

Just a single upload of a collector's price will credit you with enough points to view or download 21 schematics or an even larger number of high resolution pictures.  In a few hours you can upload enough collectors' prices so that you don't have to worry about UACS points for a few years.

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