HOWTO: How to write a new article

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HOWTO: How to write a new article 
17.Jul.06 11:58

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

From scratch:
Click the tab "Forum" - then click the blue info button above right.
You always should read the content or even print it out (Ctrl.-P) of the blue info button when you explore a new page. This one you find in the second post.
Then please click the link(s) above the text "FORUM-Language selections" and also the link(s) within that text.
You always can click "FORUM-Language selections" for getting the desired language(s) only.
At least opt out German if you don't read German.

Now you know how to ... but now remains the question about the correct board:
You see the bar "Folder/boards to read or write". Just click into it and you will get a list of boards, separated by folders.

For general views where you would like to get an answer of an expert you choose
"In General" by just clicking this term and the window will change.

If it is something which is for members only (internal questions about RMorg etc.) you click
"TALK - visible for members only".

Please do try to get the correct board and post as little as possible to those "General boards".
You have a big variety of boards.

Please search the model and there you click the link below called
"Add information to model or forum text". Then click "Text for Forum".
Similar it is for
"Manufacturers and trade names" where you first go to that name. Or for
"Countrytexts" and for
"Valves and Tubes" where you go to that tube page first.

This important selection of the right board helps to find good answers after some years.
This is quite a different forum than others. Please treat it also that way:
Always think if what you write is of interest in a few months or years when you don't use "In General" or "TALK". You may or should give a short "thank you" but not bring in stories or change the subject.

Have in mind that later somebody has a question and looks up appropriate search words in the SEARCH to get solid and factual replyes without much unnecessary text.

The other way for somebody wanting an information is looking up a model page - and there below he/she will find your article concerning this model - otherwise it could only be found by a search process and then reading many titles. In our system you stumble over it by going to the model ! Please write for instance specific repair articles including special problems for this model - for instance how to dismantle if there are some tricks which allow a safe way etc.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.

Content of the info button (at 17th July 2006) 
17.Jul.06 12:02

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Information - Help

On this page you will find folders and boards
is a folder (contains folders and boards)
is a board containing topics / threads.

With «FORUM-Language Selection» you define in which languages you see contributions.

Under «The most recent articles» you will find topics in chronological order for the recent past. More is to be found by clicking on the folder and to proceed from there to boards.

To start a new thread

To write initially, click on the respective folder / sub-folder or go directly to a board. A link to write will show after selecting a board and being logged in as a member.

Pick the appropriate board
If your contribution relates to a specific model which is already listed in, do not write from a Forum but go to the models data page and select «To add information to model». Next click on «Text/Forum». The same applies to manufacturers and tubes.

Why That?
All relevant information is then recorded within the forum as well as on the models datapage. The assumption is that any model-related information shoul be found foremost on the respective models data page. This feature assures that all recorded data will jump at you when working on a given set. An entry in the forum, might drown in in history while new topics pile up. ...

And what else?
Only what's exclusively intended for members - out of reach of search engines and guests, should go into «Talk…» - nothing else. All other Boards are «public».
Any information on companies and firms should, of course, be recorded to the respective company page. As a general rule, only post in «General» if there is no specific Folder / Board available.

1. Language Selection
Keep in mind Language Selection when writing in another language. It is important as it triggers the language flag.

2. Title
Choose a precise title, a meaningful search term or an exact model designation. When writing from the models data page, the system will automatically pre-face your title with the manufacturer's name, followed by a colon. The title you give your message should short. If you encounter a ---@@@--- after you finished your message, you forgot to enter a title. To correct Click on «Edit» and enter title.

3. Content
You use the large field for your message which should be brief and to the point. Typing it in will almost be as working with Word. The system allows you to insert in Links, you can include pictures as well as simple charts.

Please keep the bandwidth low and refrain from flaming, profanity and nonsense etc. The readers count on tangible, useful information. We expect factuality and respectfull maners.

Pictures should not exceed 40 KB. Very often, 10-20 KB will do.

To write a reply

Click on a topic and the required link «Reply» A screen opens containing the all necessary tools, as well as the WYSIWYG- editor. After waiting for a few seconds you should enter a title and subsequently use the text field.

Since this is an expert forum you may not be able to respond (only within "talk") - you may have to apply for writing rights.

More guidelines and answers to your questions will be found under «Guidance - Help» or in the Folder FAQ.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.

New features for the forum 
24.Jun.09 15:08

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

You surely have noted that our forum - but also the rest of - is very different of others. For some it is annoying, for some a very interesting approach. Some even would like to tell us that the name "forum" is wrong ... one can not even use smilies etc. ...

It is sure not an easy playground for fun or a chat forum, not at all.
Some new members with a very good career tell us sometimes that they want to join because they prefer quality and that they were amazed what they find - yet specially in German. The language groups have it in their hand if they want a good standard or not and if there are many good articles in that language!

The reason for this difference is:
Rather early I had to get to know that a forum with "nickname persons" who just can register (join) immediately will probably never get a high standard. We started first to have quite some hurdles for getting a membership. We added moderators who can edit or delete other posts. The next step had to be that for answering in a thread not started one has to be an editor - for language German. All this is years ago.

We programmed today that the status: officer, moderator and editor is visible.
We are looking for moderators for English and the other languages (than German). If you think you can help, please write to me.

If you think you are writing good articles but you are not an officer or moderator, please also tell me so that I can tic you as editor - please with links to your best articles here. It might be that in the future we will also have to introduce this system for other languages. You know: No guesswork but solid information - except after 3 days waiting time!

Rating possible:
The other new feature (from 9th June) is that you can rate each post. Please use this possibility for being able to pick up the best articles when searching. Please give only 5 stars to longer articles which reflect the terms given for your selection. 5 should be seldom. You might start rating here. It needs at the moment 7 ratings to show and has to be 3 star or more.

Red questionmarks:
Please consult also the repetition list above the daily list. This is a new feature since January 2009. 

Automatic e-mail notification:
Some authors found it annoying that sometimes members don't come back after having received an answer. Now you get an automatic reminder if a post/thread has been answered and you participate in it. For each such case you can stop it too. Please use also the other tool *** Please remind me *** for other cases. It is very useful for moderators and other active members.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.

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