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21.Mar.09 19:32

Sándor Selyem-Tóth (H)
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Some Thoughts Of the Restoration of the „Treasures”

In the Summer of 2005 I got especially lucky, I was offered the following radio sets: (as an explanation: Telefunken 31B – or as better known in Germay, Arcolette 3. This name comes from one of the owners and probably innovators, Graf Dr. Georg von ArcoTelefunken L666 with paper kónusz and Grawor Perkeo with funneling speaker.)

1. gróf dr. Georg von Arco


According to the salesperson the amplifier was used by Germans when bringing Jews into concentration camps, L666 would have been the mike! I knew right away that they miswrote the date but I did not really look at the L666. Only later did I notice that I found a classical speaker with paper cone.
Looking over the treasures I quickly made a to-do list:
Arcolette 3: cleaning, restoring wood parts, changing the wiring leading to the battery.
Grawor Perkeo: cleaning, adding nickelling to the plinth, replacing the membrane, signature ont he ouside funnel
Telefunken L666: replacing the zinc-tin casting (spelter), getting a paper cone, re-winding one of the coils
I involved experts so the wood parts were not painted but mordanted and laqued.
I got wonderful help from my fellow collectors, Laszlo Koger, Istvan Nemeth andLajos Szecsenyi.
Under the connection graphics taken from the cover of the radio I found another surprise, the emblem of Siemens and Halske, „SH”.

2. A bekötési rajz alatt felbukkanó Siemens-Halske embléma

I asked for help from German collectors by e-mail and I got a quick answer:

“Dear Selyem Toth,
It is hard to say. Siemens and Halske and AEG have founded Telefunken and have worked together for many years, and exchanged spare parts among them. That is how the S and H sign could have appeared on the Telefunken Radio.

Rainer Steinfuehr

Let the photos speak for themselves, including some of the reconstruction.

3. A készülék kapcsolási rajza

4. A készülékfedélbe ragasztott bekötési rajz

5. Így néztek ki a megtaláláskor

6. A Telefunken 31B vagy más néven Arcolette 3


Javítás közben és után:

7. A javítandó, cserélendő alkatrészek egy „csokra”

8. Részben készen

9. Az L666 hátulról

10. És újra itt az 1920-as évek végének hangulata!

11. Nézzük meg a pótolt Grawor Perkeo emblémát közelebbről

12. És végül a " beteljesülés" együtt a "Kincs"!

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