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Sándor Selyem-Tóth (H)
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Who was the legendary Uncle Scherz?

Ede Scherz was born in Bratislava in 1879 and completed his elementary school there. 
From 1906 he was the anchorman of the telephone news service, from 1925 of the Radio. At that time everybody knew him simply as Uncle Scherz. In his book he says that for the children he was simply Uncle „Sheys”.
Around 1930 he got an illness that all singers and actors fear, problems arose with his vocal cords. Since he had some free time he published a book in 1931 entitled „The Humour of Radio”. I was able to acquire a copy, dedicated to a store owner in Jasszentlaszlo, Lajos Mezei. I am now able to share this book that includes Uncle Scherz’ handwriting.
According to the notes of the previous owner of this book, Ede Scherz died on December 13th 1936. 
I am convinced that on the 80th anniversary of radio we should commemorate Ede Scherz in words and in pictures, since radio would only be a technical invention without radio programming and broadcasting. 

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