identity of parts maker "Framingham"?

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? identity of parts maker "Framingham"? 
24.Aug.16 17:42

Sara Schechner (USA)
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Does anyone know anything about a maker of audio transformers of different types for use in homemade radios with the company name of "Framingham."  The date appears to be in the 1920s.  I have seen these components in a homemade radio in our museum collection.  I attach a photo of the radio interior, and a close-up of the FRAMINGHAM logo.


Sara Schechner

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University

Framingham logo

receiver with Framingham parts

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Framingham was known for its rheostats in the 1920s 
25.Aug.16 16:23
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Sara
Alan Larsen was so nice to send an answer but could at that moment not access the forum:

"As to the question at hand I have never seen the Framingham Radio Frequency transformers before. The audio transformers are the two on the far right of the chassis. The Framingham Company made rheostats in the early 1920s that were carried by various supply houses but I have never seen any other Framingham parts advertised or used in sets. 

The circuit in the set in question is a little unusual. It appears to be a straight forward TRF receiver except for the spider web coils in the center. I can see three stages of RF amplification, using the Framingham RF transformers, probably a detector stage and two stages of audio amplification. What the purpose is for the spider web coils can't be determined without closer inspection. 

I am not sure this answered your initial question but it is about all I know about Framingham. 

Alan Larsen"

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