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lafayette: C83 - repair of the audio coupling transformer

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Eduard Hontele
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14.Mar.09 14:10

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In the radio I am repairing the primary coil of the transformer was broken. After disassembly of the transformer iron the number of windings were counted and the diameter of the wire was measured. For comfort at reconstruction time, two flanges were added. The primary has 2400 turns, the secondary 2 x 5300 turns. Wire diameter for all coils 0.07 mm.

For details please see the pictures.


Michele Denber
Michele Denber
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14.Mar.09 19:34

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Very impressive.  This reminded me of that guy in France who makes his own vacuum tubes starting with just wire and glass tubing.

These types of articles are good because they help us see that a lot of things you might initially dismiss as impossible or impractical can actually be done reasonably.