Lafayette Radio Catalog 1932 Spring & Summer

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Lafayette Radio Catalog 1932 Spring & Summer 
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Lafayette is known as a mail-order catalog business with sales outlets in different cities.See company description and the text about these catalogs.

See also the next main catalog, the Lafayette Radio Catalog no. 53, 1933 for the season 1932/33 and the main catalog before, Lafayette Radio Catalog 1932, 10th Anniversary without a number - for season 1931/32. The 20th Anniversary is held with catalog 1941 (not 1942).


 Lafayette Radio Catalog Spring & Summer 1932
100 pages, size 29 x 21 cm.

Content of this catalog:
Page 4: Model 50 chassis "Thriller" = 2Y22063, 2Y22063 (for 220V), 2Y22X65 (2 waves), 2Y22066 (2 waves, 220V).

Page 5: Model 51 chassis "Minstrel" (Super-Het) = 2Y22067, 2Y22068

Page 6: Model 80 chassis "Dual-Wave DeLuxe = 2Y22054, 2Y22055, 2Y22X53, 2Y22053. With AVC.

Page 7: 7 Tube Phono-Superhet, Mantel 2Y22079, Console 2Y22081.

Page 8 and 9: Model 100 chassis "Orthotone" 10 tubes: 2Y22057, 2Y22058, 2Y22059, 2Y22080, 2Y22081, 2Y22082.

Page 10: 10 tubes 5 knobs = 2Y22088, Long Wave Sets 8 tubes: 2Y22125 and 2Y22126, 7 tubes: 2Y22127 and 2Y22128.

Page 11: 2 Volt Battery Set (6 tubes) 2Y22087, Dual-Wave 2Y22089 (7 tubes AC) and 6 tubes DC = 2Y22089 - with the same number!

Page 12: 4 Console cabinets only: "The President", "The Gregory", "The Georgian" and "The Sheraton". The 10 tube Dualwave Superhet chassis 2Y22078.

Page 13: Trutest 8 Tube Receiver Kit 2Y22033. Erla SW converter 2Y22035 and SW converter 2Y22034 (2Y22035 with RCA Radiotrons).

Page 14: Lafayette Auto Radio "Autotone" 2N1422. Trutest Auto Radio 2N14226.
Followed by auto speakers, remote control unit, converter etc.

The following pages are for books, tubes, parts, National MB-32A tuner, "Thrill Boxes", MB-29A, National amplifiers etc. (Page 19). Television receivers on page 20, followed by speakers, 250 Public Address System, "A" Inter-Office System, Amplifiers, turntables, even a "High grade Swiss compass" is offered on page 25. This is followed by microphones and all what we find in other catalogs.

This is still in process: After having entered the models for the pre war catalogs we will give an overview about this catalog here.

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