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Looking to buy EM34

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Philip Navarrete
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25.Oct.06 22:23

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Is anyone selling EM34?

Philip Navarrete


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Maitiu Standun
Maitiu Standun
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25.Oct.06 22:30

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   2 hi philip, what is em34?????? regards maitiu
Arpad Roth † 27.3.17
Arpad Roth † 27.3.17
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25.Oct.06 23:16

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 It´s a magic eye.

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Philip Navarrete
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25.Oct.06 23:51

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Hi Arpad,

I went to that website and saw eBay Germany. I do I access that?

Philip Navarrete

Thomas Albrecht
Thomas Albrecht
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26.Oct.06 07:46

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An EM34 can be quite expensive.  I generally see prices ranging from about US $35 to $100 on the web.  Some of the least expensive offers I see advertised right now are:  (look under 6CD7)

I don't know whether either of these really has an EM34 in stock at these prices, but they may be worth a try.

Some of the more well-known suppliers that also have EM34/6CD7 (albeit at higher price) include:

If you shop for a tube on e-Bay, you'll need to register, and bid on the tube in an auction.  Sometimes they have a "Buy it now" price where no bidding is necessary.  You must be very careful on e-Bay, since you're simply buying from a private person, and there is no way to guarantee that the tube is good.  You have to trust the seller's description and feedback.

The reference you saw to "e-Bay Germany" on the link above (which is simply to a page here at the site with data on the EM34 tube) is a price reported by one of the members here for a recent sale of a tube on e-Bay Germany.  It doesn't mean that an EM34 is necessarily for sale right now on e-Bay Germany.

Good luck!


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