magnavox: 5801AA; FM-017

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magnavox: 5801AA; FM-017 
21.Aug.09 17:56

Lynn Hatfield (USA)
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The wave bands on this radio are: AM, 550 to 1650 KHz and  FM, 88 to108 MHz.

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Please put this to the model 
21.Aug.09 18:59

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Lynn
Fine that you help to complete models. It is your first activity here and we like that you begin to care for RMorg.

At the same time I beg you to click the model (above), then below on the link bar where you found "Add information or ask a question" to write - but you click "Suggest change". Then you get either the history of a model and can click for the entry form - or you get the form directly.

You then can select for the two (?) wave bands and you can add your text to the notes.
When I do this then I repeat the model name to get it a better chance for searching machines, putting the data into sentences.

I see that also the loudspeaker has not a good setting ...

After you have done so you can see what the model admins do with it if you go to the link below "Community" called "Pending Models".

I hope you don't face any difficulties. Have you tried the Schematic Finder for your other question? I have put in 5801 and found this model. Perhaps this helps? If yes, I would like to delete that one. Maybe we have to take more actions about the two Magnavox?

Thank you for your cooperation.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.