mediator: MD2515A;

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This article refers to the model: MD2515A (Mediator; La Chaux-de-Fonds)

mediator: MD2515A;  
17.Dec.03 23:56

Mario Coelho (P)
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Mario Coelho

Hello Dear Radiomuseum Members

Specially to Mr.Erns Erb and Mr.Walter Haring thank you for your help.

Now this subject is in its right place.

I add here more information about this Model:

Voltage ranges (V) : 90;110;125;180;200;220

Bands:       SW1      6 to 18Mhz                SW2      1,7 to 5,5Mhz

                 MW3     529 to 1600 khz         LW4       150  to 375 khz

Dial lamp 6V 0,3mA        Bakelite case         Ferrite antena 

Kind regards



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