Members can improve any Radio Model

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Members can improve any Radio Model 
24.Aug.04 18:42

Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014 (D)
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

HOWTO: Please go to the model page and click the blue info button on the right above. Then either use the link in the lower link bar "Suggest change" (for model data) or "Add information or ask a question ..." for adding pictures, schematics, a forum text, a collector price, an audio clip or create your ad. (EE)

Here is a help for some fields.

It is one of the unique feutures of the Radio Museum that every member can contribute by adding information, mainly from their own collection and knowledge.
Every change proposal will be assessed by model admins which then vote for or against it. A majority of two votes is required. The admins are free to participate.

New models can also be proposed by the members. This is a valuable way to enhance the information content of our museum, since there are so many unknown data, facts, and models around, hidden in collections, that our attempt to embrace as many models as possible can only be successful by the multiple contributions of our members.

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Model Admins do the examination/acceptance 
24.Aug.04 20:11

Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014 (D)
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

The following may bring an insight about the way we admins are running our business.It was an introductory mail to one of our model admins when he joined the team. The personalised part has been omitted and slight corrections made.

"You are free to vote on everything, even on Your own proposals, no problem. I would expect You to focus on US/Canadian models. Currently I am the only one who is caring more or less systematically for that area.

1) My own first priority is to safeguard correct allocation of US model pictures. For this purpose I got Image admin right (For models only).

1.1) Consequently I have to check / update / alter existing model pages or propose a new model.

1.2) The related "family" (all sets having same chassis or variants) has to be treated the same.

2)As far as time allows one manufacturer after the other shall be revised maybe starting with the earliest issues. There are many doublets in the system, since in an early attempt somebody had copied only headlines from Riders to achieve an initial raw structure.
Now there are chassis running as model entries. And a huge number is undated, which has to be corrected. Not to mention wrong data !

Currently I am at year 1939 with Zenith and I hope to get Zenith (at least until 1954 or so) in a few weeks ready. Let´s see...

The notation is also often not consistent. Of course we have to cope with different ways for different nations and suppliers, but it has proved useful to carry on the way I had chosen for the US sets. Have a look to Zenith for the Years up to 1938.

In case of minor deviations (where no false information is involved) I even refrained from a correction, which can easily be made later.

3) I would be grateful for Your assistence in all these fields except the pictures, since there the number of admins is limited, and I reserved the exclusive right to accept US model pictures. Once I got control there is no other way to keep it . You wouldnt believe how many erroneous  names are in use(even in collections) if people try to upload photos....

3.1) Which manufacturer You are starting with, doesnt matter. I would recommend popular ones like RCA, Crosley, etc,

but that is up to You.

3.2) of course the "daily" business would also gratefully accept Your cooperation. It is highly variable: sometimes only a few things, and then mountains of suggestions to check and vote on.

My way: after daily system runup a quick check of the admin page. Often the duties (as far as I am feeling responsible) can be discharged in few minutes or max. half an hour.

I am looking forward to our future cooperation. You will find Your way, and we will find our common way.

In future there will be a further German admin for US models.Not only for myself, for both of us, for You and me, such redundancy is highly desirable."


It is certainly a wide field we have to till.....

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