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braun: MM 4/8 from 1958

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Boris Witke
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02.Jan.21 22:32

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I uploaded Braun Radio Chassis RC 8 schematic, alignment plan (that is also valid for older RC 7 Chassis) and speaker plans. Here´s a table of the "big" Braun Radio Chassis (RC) : 1955/56 : RC 60 (oddly also called RC 55 / RC 56)  --  1956/57 : RC 61  --  1957/58 : RC62  --  (mid) 1958 : RC 7 (all mono up to here) -- (late) 1958/59 : RC 8 stereo  --  1959/60 : RC 81 stereo  --  1960/61 : RC 82 stereo  --  1961-64 : RC 9 stereo. Only RC 9 can be upgraded by a stereo decoder for FM Stereo reception.

Unlike Grundig or Nordmende, Braun was a relatively small radio company, so we can strongly assume that these chassis have been built one after the other, not in parallel. The suffix (here: /8) is mentioned on the back covers as well as on the type labels, showing us the chassis version and the production period.

While the electronics are the same, speaker configuration differs from model to model. Concerning RC 8 stereo chassis, I uploaded the speaker configurations. Braun´s models with the RC 8 stereo chassis are: TS 3/8, G 11/8, PK-G 5/8, Atelier 1/8, MM 4/8, HM 5/8, HM 6/8, HM 7/8. At this time, the speaker boxes L 1 and L 2 were available, necessary for stereo effect for some of the models mentioned.

Regards, and Happy New Year !

Boris Witke