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This article refers to the model: 38H (Pye Ltd., Radio Works; Cambridge)

? pye: model addition 
10.Apr.17 12:30

Nigel Hulse (ZA)
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Nigel Hulse

Would you please tell me how to add an existing model to my personal collection?

I have tried to add the PYE 38H to my collection, but so far have been unable to do so.


Thank you

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Picture upload to your collection 
10.Apr.17 13:41
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Bernhard Nagel (D)
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Bernhard Nagel

Dear Nigel,

according to your collector's page, you've already uploaded an interior view of your PYE 38H to the model page in 2014. Of course, you can upload more pictures (a total of eight pics per member and model are allowed).

Please go to the model page, move the mouse over the tab "Uploads and Questions" and chose "Picture upload" from the pull-down. Follow the usual procedure and select "Object from my collection".

Select image content and quality, a comment can be added into the caption field. When finished, click "Send" in left lower corner. That's all.

The approved pictures (a picture admin will check) will show up both at the model page and at your collector's page.

Please note that we now accept even larger pictures: up to 1400 pixels in width and up to 2100 in height. File size limit has been extended to 600kB max.

Good luck!

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