Model Name versus Model Number

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? Model Name versus Model Number 
03.Mar.09 22:19

Robin Roeckers (USA)
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Robin Roeckers

I have been asked to aquire information to fill out the 1947 section of the Montomery Ward section of RMorg.  It is not consistant.

It appears that the Model Number is in the Model Name section and sometimes the Model Name is in the Model Number section.

If I know for a fact a model is an Airline, should I suggest a change to switch the Model Number from the Model Name section to achieve a uniform listing?

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Model Name/Type/Chassis 
04.Mar.09 03:07

Götz Linss † 27.06.21 (D)
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Hi Robin,

great to see you picking up that monster Mont-Ward from the high end. We use this scheme: Given Airline 94-xxx as an example, you should put Airline to Model-Name and the 94-xxx to Model-Type/Chassis. If there is no "name" like Airline, just put the 94-xxx (or whatever it may be) to Model-Name and leave the Type/Chassis entry empty. If there is already an entry like 94-xxx for Type/Chassis and nothing under Model-Name please put that number to Name and remove it from Type/Chassis by using ALT-0160 on the numerical key entry.

Greetings Götz Linß, DJ3IW

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