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Nanotube radio compared to tube

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Joe Sousa
Joe Sousa
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27.Mar.09 02:01

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The following two links describe a radio with the 4 functions Antenna, tuning, amplification detection, all implemented with a single carbon NanoTube.

The nanotube is a field emitting cathode, and is energized with 200VDC at the Anode, which is 1u away.

The negative charge at the tip of the nanotube cathode makes it very sensitive tha RF electric fields.

The tube flexes and resonates at the incomming RF frequency. The emission current is non-linear and detects the RF into audio.

This is trully a vacuum tube of a different sort. Vacuum is <10^-7Torr.



Martin Renz
Martin Renz
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27.Mar.09 06:55

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