nordmende: Nordmende Valve radios

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nordmende: Nordmende Valve radios 
26.Apr.17 05:03

Maurice De Wilde (AUS)
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There is an internet site www They have schematics of Nordmende vintage Tube radios,models that do not seem to appear in the Radiomuseum top collection.Of the various Nordmende models there are different variations that do not seem to appear there. In went looking at www for the Nordmende Othello Stereo,the model here has the ECLL800 valves as power Penthode compared to the Radiomuseum,s EL84.When the model has the ECLL800 it is a later model.Also if the IF transformers are not round but rectangular these models are a later variant of the same model. These downloads seem to be free to download Maurice Dewilde

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nordmende: Nordmende Valve radios 
26.Apr.17 12:52
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Mark Hippenstiel (D)
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Mark Hippenstiel

Dear Maurice,

NVHR is the Netherlands Association for the History of Radios, and the list you refer to is a joint effort of NVHR and the GFGF (the German counterpart).

The schemas they present are all pretty much standard, but yes, of course there may be some listed there that we don't yet show. Many (that is to say, most) of our models of the German manufacturer Nordmende stem from documentation and catalogs from Germany. Often, export variations aren't listed in those catalogs, and the schematics for these sets rarely found there way to repair shops and retailers in Germany. So it can happen that while there was a sizeable export business, information is difficult to come by.

If you find any such models that are not yet represented in radiomuseum, please, feel free to make a model suggestion!

Regarding your ECLL800 variant: I looked up the Nordmende Othellos that are present at NVHR, but I could not find one with this tube there. Can you provide a link? There is only one chassis I can think of, the 5/633 from 1964/1965 , but we don't list Othello with that chassis.


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