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philco: Philco 46-1201

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Jack Leclair
Jack Leclair
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21.Apr.18 19:32

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I just recieved a Philco 46-1201 BingCrosby , pilot light comes on, but nothing else. There is power going to the phonograph, I don't have a tube tester, but could it be a tube? Or a capacitor? Its all original capacitors.I,ve come accross many radios with bad capacitors and and bad tubes, but still had power to the radio. But tis one is totaly sound, no tubes light up...where to begin? Is there one tube that supplies the power to the rest of the radio? Any help would be appreciated.

Meyer Rochwerger
Meyer Rochwerger
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25.Apr.18 20:43

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Dear Jack.
There are two types of chassis that were used in this model.
One used a 35Y4 tube as a rectifier.
The other uses a 50Y6 tube.

If a tube burns out, the lamp will come on because it is not in the series of filaments of the tubes.

If you have a multimeter, remove your tubes and check their filament continuity.

Make this carefully removing and testing the tubes one by one.

I hope this helps you find out the trouble.



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Raymond Ayling
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05.Jul.18 14:01

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think there is a 50x6 rectifer on later model