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philips: 940 A (940A);

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Aad Hoenderdos
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07.Aug.06 19:01

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   1 In a 940A/15 these valves are used: SP4-PM24M-1821
Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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07.Aug.06 21:55

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   2 Dear Aad
Thank you for your post to the model. This is very interesting because those tubes are not direct substitutes (to my knowledge). Therefore I beg you to introduce a new model (see the link on the HP):
940A/15 (940 A/15)
Into the variant field you put SP4

Please put into the normal model with the E446 also E446 into the field variant - just as a changement on the existing model.

Please check if the rest is the same for the new model - if you can. It is also from GB since the tubes are from Mullard. Funny is only that they did not name the DW2_Mullard  instead of the same 1821.

It would be very nice if somebody could check which continental tubes had the exactly the same electrical data and the same base. then we could give alternatives to those two British valves. Maybe there are also or only similarities - but also then we could name the alternatives which normally function without problems.
John Turrill
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08.Aug.06 03:50

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Dear Ernst,
                  interesting, but in actual fact these valves
are interchangable; and very close in characteristics!
I've frequently found similar situations with Philips sets;
as you probably know, the suffix "/15" indicates this was
made in Britain, or at least for the British market, and
the Mullard equivalent types might be fitted instead of 
the Philips "E" types; for some reason this didn't apply
to the rectifiers,- and 1821's, 506's etc. were quite
p.s. - since writing this, I have now found documentation
which mostly confirms the above, although the rectifier
isn't specified. see -  (search 940A)
I have seldom seen any of the 5 pin Philips "E" series in G.B.
Most seem to have a Mullard direct equivalent, which is, I
suppose, not surprising, as no doubt many came from Holland

Best regards,
                      John Turrill.

This article was edited 08.Aug.06 23:17 by John Turrill .

Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
CH  Articles: 5665
Schem.: 13754
Pict.: 31019
10.Aug.06 08:46

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   4 Thank you , John, for your research.
The result is now worked into the model.
Aad has not to open a new model 940A/15 because we believe now that at least later versions bear the /15 on their plate. In any case often such models are named just by model type and without versions. Therefore I have put into the name both versions to enable users to find it either way.