philips: Some additional information and repair hints for

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philips: Some additional information and repair hints for 
15.Sep.09 17:03

Wouter Nieuwlaat † 27.5.18 (NL)
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Wouter Nieuwlaat † 27.5.18

When I acquired this record player, it would jump out of the groove when reaching the end of the record.

It turned out this was caused by the automatic switch-off function. The lever comes in very early, but is pushed back as long as the needle travels only a small way per revolution (still in the normal playing track). This lever was stuck, and it made the needle skip grooves ones it started touching.

To dismantle the mechanism you have to lift the rubber cover, and find a small hole in the turntable.
turn the table so that the hole is closest to the Philips brand name. Press with a medium/long screwdriver that is put straight down into the hole, and lift the turntable at the same time

Now you can access the intermediate wheel and motor spindle.


To remove the mechanism from the bottom half of the housing, you need to unscrew the sprung feet. There is no mounting screw in the middle, just grab the entire foot and turn anticlockwise!

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