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rca: RCA Radio model 28 T Capacitor List

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Keith Hardy
Keith Hardy
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05.Feb.09 23:11

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I am in need of a listing or cross reference of modern capacitors for a RCA Radio model 28T.  The list in the schematics does not have the voltage values for each capacitor.

Thank You

Torbjörn Forsman
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05.Feb.09 23:34

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I think that you are going to replace all paper and electrolytic capacitors in the radio. When looking at the schematic, I would suggest the following:

All smaller paper capacitors (up to 100 nF), can be replaced with polyester capacitors rated for 630 V, although 400 V would be enough for all but C39 and C40 (those two capacitors will be subjected to the sum of the radio's B+ voltage and the peak AC voltage across the output transformer's primary winding).

Use 400 or 450 V parts for electrolytics C22, C37 and C41. For C38, 35 V is enough.

It is normally not necessary to replace the ceramic or mica capacitors used in the RF and IF tuned circuits.

Best regards

Torbjörn Forsman