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Repacement for ELL80 tube

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Ake Nyholm
Ake Nyholm
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05.Sep.06 11:24

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Dear Radio friends,

I am wondering is there any known replacement tube for the ELL80 (Telefunken?). The tube is a dual AF output pentode. Availability of the ELL80 seems to be very limited at least in my country. I’ll be happy for any hints.



Dirk Taekels
Dirk Taekels
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05.Sep.06 11:55

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Daer Ake ,

In the Tube pages, you can see that

the equivalent for the ELL80 is a 6HU8

Maybe you will find this tube !

kind regards,



John Turrill
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05.Sep.06 13:12

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Dear Ake,
as Dirk says, 6HU8, mind you, I have just one ELL80 - I actually
searched a year or two for it, and I think either of these are very
scarce, and though I have no immediate use for mine (after my
Grundig tape recorder's white metal chassis corroded away), I
still can't bear to part with it!
Of course, if you are a good (and keen!) engineer, a worthwhile
solution would be a pair of EL95's - either using a B9A plug, 
(or wires directly out) to an adaptor plate mounted on a couple
of pillars, fitted with two B7G sockets, ----------------------
I could provide connection details if required, --------------
or make another hole in the chassis for the extra socket.
(not recommended!) Then again you could search eBay!!!!!!
Regards and good luck,

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Walter Haring
Walter Haring
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05.Sep.06 12:51

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Hello Ake

You can replace a ELL80 by using two EL95. These are electrically the same. There have also been industrial made replacements for ELL80 with two EL95.

Kind regards, Walter

Ake Nyholm
Ake Nyholm
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05.Sep.06 12:58

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Thank you Dirk and Walter.
I think, I can manage replacemnt now.

Best regards
Georg Beckmann
Georg Beckmann
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05.Sep.06 13:12

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This is a dealer in Germany, who has this tube and a replacement in its stock list.

It seems to be a bit expensive, but compared to the solution to adapt two other tubes this is the more comfortable way.

( The pages are in german only, if this is a problem for you, I or someone else can assist you. )


Best Regards



Jacob Roschy
Jacob Roschy
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05.Sep.06 18:50

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even a radio tube/valve retailer in your neighbour country, the Swedish Radiotube Shop, has ELL80s in stock at fair prices.
Best Regards
Jacob Roschÿ

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Mauro Emilio Gino Bellini
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01.Oct.12 20:11

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Nella maggioranza dei casi si può sostituire una ELL80 con una ECLL800 senza nessuna modifica.Questa sostituzione riguarda tutte le applicazione ove la valvola viene utilizzata in un curcuito finale classico, con placche collegate al TU, griglie schermo collegate all'alimentazione, quindi il classico amplificatore in push-pull.NON è possibile la sostituzione quando ci troviamo nel caso di circuito ultralineare, con presa per la griglia schermo sul trasformatore.Ma perchè è possibile la sostituzione?     Basta guardare attentamente le caratteristiche ed i collegamenti delle due valvole per capire. Le caratteristiche delle due valvole sono infatti identiche tranne il fatto che la ECLL800 possiede nel suo interno anche un triodo, ma benguardando si vede che tale triodo ha il catodo in comune con gli altri elementi della valvola, la placca è disposta sul piedino 1, la griglia è comune con quella del primo pentodo mentre le griglie schermo sono in comune al contrario della ELL80 che le ha separate. Ed è propro questo il motivo per cui la ECLL800 no può essere usato in configurazione ultralineare.Ma cosa succede quando inserisco la valvola al posto della ELL80? Essa si comporta esattamente come la valvola rimpiazzata, in quanto il triodo non funziona, non avendo una resistenza di carico  mentre la griglia del triodo stesso è collegata a quella del pentodo e ne trasferisce il segnale. 

Sono disponibile per maggiori chiarimenti e se utile  a farre la traduzione in inglese.

Cordiali saluti a tutti




Michael Watterson
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01.Oct.12 22:38

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I think our Italian member is explaining why an ECLL800, despite having an extra triode, will work in an socket intended for ELL80, as long as it's ordinary Push Pull, no feedback on Screen Grids, not Ultralinear.

I'd have thought that was a rarer valve! There is a separate discussion on replication of the ECLL800 and why one of the solutions sold doesn't work very well.

If I had an ECLL800 I'd save it or give it for a set needing an ECLL800!

It's strange how the double output in one tube for push pull is used in mid 1920s to early 1930s and vanishes to reappear briefly at the end of the valve era.

Piermaurizio Lovisolo
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19.Jun.16 12:53

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In an untouched Grundig Stereo Mandello radio I found an ECLL800E at place of the original ELL80, the radio was perfectly working, after doing some research I found that Grundig factory sometime used ECLL800 or ECLL800E at place of the ELL80 because of shortage of this tube

Also, in a Loewe Opta Stereo receiver I used an ECLL800 to substitute the original double single ended ELL80 without any modification.

But just to be safe I would suggest to disconnect or cut the pin 1 of the ECLL800 (plate of internal triode.)

ECLL800 is easier and cheaper to find on ebay than ELL80 (strange but true), just cut the pin 1 of the tube (brutal but faster solution) and you can safely use it at place of ELL80 both for S.E. or Push-Pull circuits (but not for ultralinear circuits).

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