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Repair Reports for Radio Models

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling 
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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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10.Jan.05 21:13

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Repair Reports for Radio Models
Threads posted to a model clearly rate high in importance. They remain with the respective model so that different collectors may benefit from previous experience gained / information gathered by others. To fully realize that function, good discipline and the utmost objectivity are mandatory.

I am especially impressed with one of the most recent threads in which both partners in a bilateral process, using a language foreign to both of them, arrived at the solution to the problem: 

If, for any reason, you prefer not to publish directly in Forum, there is always a way around it: Any member can bring his or her opinion to the attention of both the original asking party and the replier(s) by eMail. This is done via the link in the respective thread. A request to have one's own name mentioned should all or part of that eMail find its way into the thread is optional. Opinions can be directed to all involved although, in general, it will make more sense to approach a replier. Thanks can be expressed in the same way.

Only under very special circumstances should a member start a new thread with any relevance to an ongoing thread for the same model. To put it more bluntly: Please use the link "Reply" after having opened the thread and not the link "New Thread". If you use "New Thread", your contribution should deal with a different subject.

A sure way to serve the cause and have an impact is to post a repair report to a specific model. Unfortunately, it happens only rarely. That, however, is exactly what's needed.
Please post your own experience, repairing a particular model.

How to post to a given model?
In most cases you will find guidance for a given page by clicking the blue info button. For subject matter the procedure is this:

First and foremost: You don't post to the forum but to the model page. That is the essential point. But how to go about it?

To get to the specific model, you click the tab "Radios" which takes you to the HP also called "Search page".
Key ONE part of the model name into the "Simple search for Old Time Radios" without the manufacturer's name.
Select your desired model from the result list.
Click "Add information to model" and select "Text for Forum" in the new window. You will get the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) - Editor and you can write your article, insert pictures and/or add attachments.

Your contribution will then be seen in both forum and permanently on the model page.
It is accessible from both to post a reply directly.

My thanks to Alfred Zeeb for helping me to put this in proper English.