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Request Information on unknown tube.

Jacob Roschy Martin Renz Ernst Erb Bernhard Nagel Eilert Menke 
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Bruce Morgenstern
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01.Jan.21 21:22

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I would like to reccive any information anyone might have on the attached unknown tube.


Bruce Morgenstern


Michael Watterson
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04.Jan.21 20:25

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It's very like an EHT rectifier diode

Compare DY51 and DY87.

The filamentary cathode is driven by a couple of turns of  EHT cable on the LOPT.

A TV CRT anode would be driven by the cathode of a rectifier. But a Travelling Tube and some Oscilliscope CRTs use negative EHT on the cathode and an earthed anode. Such tubes would be driven by the anode of the rectifier, the top cap.

I expect the housing has two contacts for filament/cathode and that the actual tube can be removed from it and either is wire ended or has pins.