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20.Aug.09 20:56

Robin Roeckers (USA)
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Robin Roeckers

The Rogers-Majestic company has two ways of writing model numbers, B7/30 (using the forward slash) and B7-30 (using the hyphen), depending on where you look.  The RCC Chassis and Model Number listing uses the slash exclusively whereas the Rogers-Majestic schematic section itself uses both.

I have entered all but three models using the hyphen mainly because:

  1.) the RCC listings start that way and

2.) where I work has rules about labeling things to avoid possible computer glitches.

Now I am wondering if someone using a search would be able to find these sets.  Should the slash be included or hope they will try all means available i.e. chassis number, tube complement, etc?


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Slash or Hyphen 
02.Sep.09 08:38

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Robin
In cases where both has been used and where it is not just an exception to use one of them - we prefer the Hyphen.

We have to distinguish between model pages and tube/solid state pages.

Both, SEs like Google and our model searches do not include such characters in the search and therefore we don't have really to care that much. If Google or our program sees a term1 - term2 (or term1-term2) or .../... etc. then it is just omitted and seen as a possibility of two different writings:
term1term2 (one word)
term1 term2 (two words)
Therefore it is also not necessary to have a possibliity to find out - except we want to correct to a certain unity for a brand - and then we use the hit list.

A different matter is the tubes, where we have a clear distinction between for instance VT1 or VT-1, VT126 VT-126. There we have introduced also the possibility in that search for "contains" or "begins with". There it matters very much.

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