sbr: 24; Ondolina production count

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sbr: 24; Ondolina production count 
31.Oct.05 12:57

John Hupse † 28.9.20 (NL)
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John Hupse † 28.9.20

Dear SBR collectors,

In cooperation with the SBR Radiomuseum in Belgium a survey is made in order to find the production count of early SBR Ondolina (and Tubantia) receivers.

Already 52 early SBR Ondolina sets are registered, including their serial numbers and exact model type (e.g. Ondolina 24 first generation, serial#). The intermediate results (in the Dutch or French language) can be found here ( be found here

To make this survey more accurate it is asked that every SBR Ondolina (and Tubantia) owner/collector sents an email with info of their set(s), at least serial number plus model number, to


On behalf of the Belgium SBR Radiomuseum,
John Hupse

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