simonsen: 31/1; Sweetheart: re-imagined

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simonsen: 31/1; Sweetheart: re-imagined 
16.Dec.12 19:48

Michael Watterson (IRL)
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I have built this in a small eddystone box using 3 x AA cell for filament, 3 x 1j24b tubes instead of 1T4 and 10 x CR2032 coin cells for HT. A modern "crystal" earpiece and miniature "polycon" capacitors from transistor AM radio. The coil is miniature AM radio Ferrite Aerial coil unit with an extra winding added.

So I redrew the schematic in "Eagle" from the original. It's all the original values and wiring but the 1j18b instead of 1T4 (DF91) pin connections.

I beleive the original 30V battery is a Hearing aid type, or possibly 2 x 15V hearing aid types. I have got a wiring error so have not yet tested my replica. The external Aerial and Earth connections use TO220 transistor isolating washers to insulate terminals from the case.


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