sonora-rad: Ch= KFU;

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This article refers to the model: Ch= KFU (Sonora Radio & Telev. Corp.; Chicago (IL))

sonora-rad: Ch= KFU;  
23.Sep.09 22:31

Marvin J. Glassman (USA)
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Marvin J. Glassman

I have just sent 3 pictures of my Sonora Model 252 from 1941 to The chassis is exactly as described in Riders. The size of my set is: 7.25 inches long by 5.125 inches high by 4.25 inches deep. It does weigh in  @3.5 pounds. I do suggest you put this information on the KFU chassis (Model 152)

You can clearly see a picture of this radio in Mark V Steins "Plastic Radios" on the bottom of page 217. 

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