sony: SONY ICF-6800WA

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sony: SONY ICF-6800WA 
17.Dec.18 17:43

Olivier Palix (F)
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Olivier Palix

Hi, I  Have contacted several sellers of the white version (7) , all the sets were with faulty PLL.There was three 6800WA to sell all with good PLL.On orange versions generally PLL are goods, in few cases dirty switch (0-10-20) can cause unlocking PLL, after cleaning,the PLL works fine again.Pay attention with contact cleaner, spray only in the switch,not in the adjacent variable capacitor!

See on Youtube Jim Lindenas repairing ICF 6800WA, and  Ray JAYALLEN site.

I just bought on an ICF 6800 orange (for 202€) ,PLL works very well, just noisy volum control easy to fix.

I suggest of modifying the notes of the two versions:

PLL problems on white versions only (generally bad transistors)

Dirty switch on orange versions as SONY has put better transistors in PLL section

Olivier Palix

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