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standard: SR-C146;

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Mario Giganti
Mario Giganti
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30.Jan.15 19:12

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The crystal inside the set for transmission on channel N°5 is labeled "R92". Anyone knows what frequency is it equal (145,xxx MHz)?

Thanks for the help

Mario Giganti I1CWZ

Franz Harder
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30.Jan.15 20:55

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Hello Mario,

the SRC-146 is a 2m transceiver. The numbering of channels (within germany) is as follows:

S...  is a Simplex Channel Frequency, i.e. RX/TX on the same frequency

R0...R19 are Relay Channels for the 2m Band with TX normally 600kHz below RX frequency

R66...R101 are Relay Channels for the 70cm Band with TX normally 7,6 MHz below RX frequency


So, the crystal labelled R92 is not suited for your piece of equipment - it is for the 70cm band!

An excellent list of those channels can be found here.


I hope this helps

73, Franz DK5CB

Mario Giganti
Mario Giganti
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30.Jan.15 21:40

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Dear Franz DK5CB,

thanks for your information on the meaning of the channel R92 labeled on the envelope of the quartz.

Thanks also for the excellent list of the VHF + UHF channels and frequencies for amateur use. I've saved it for future use within the folder "Documents" of my computer. Also the linked pages are very interesting.  Even if I can't speak and write correctly German, I can read it fairly well.

But strange enough, the quartz with the R92 label was already inside the box of the SR-C146A transceiver when I bought it new and I know that back in the ' 70 when I used normally the transceiver, the emission was on 145 MHz on FM. But I don't know  the exact value of the transmission frequency. Maybe I should ask help to somebody who has a VHF frequency meter.

I think that the quartz envelope maybe has been mislabeled. Or maybe the quartz was intended originally for use on 432 MHz, but then for some reason it has been used in a circuit with a different value of frequency multiplication so that the final frequency of transmission was 145,xxx MHz. 

So again many thanks and have a good weekend.

Mario I1CWZ (Ham radio license since 1951)