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Status report updating and completing Philco models

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Gidi Verheijen
Gidi Verheijen
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19.Jun.06 14:01

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Enst Erb asked me to report about the status of updating and completing the Philco models in the radiomuseum database.

Like most USA brands, Philco needed a lot of updating and completing. Since August 2005 I have been working on this job. Reasons that I started with it are the fact that I like USA radios in general and Philco in particular (it was my first radio) and that I wanted to contribute to the Radiomuseum.
I got a lot of encouragement and help from Konrad Birkner and we agreed to present all Philco models according to the same policy with regard to model name and number, reflecting the specific way Philco named and coded its radios and chassis. Two other members (and maybe others as well) contributed to the Philco brand in recent times: Vitor Oliveira and Juan Antonio Pardo Alonsos.
I have access to the following literature sources:
Rider's Perpetual Manuals (on CD-ROM and DVD)
Rider's Index (copy)
Ron Ramirez' book: Philco Radio 1928-1942
Philco Year Books 1940, 1941, 1942, 1946/1947 (purchased at Ebay).
With all this literature the schematics of most Phico radios are at hand.

What has been done in the last 9 months ?
First most Philco models, not showing a year of origin, were dated. Thereafter I worked on those models where a year was mentioned, but wrong or inaccurate. In December 2005 Bernd Kieck dated all remaining models, based on the year they appeared for the first time in Rider's Manual. The result is that most Philco models show the right (or at least a pretty accurate) year of origin now. Some further updating is still necessary and will be done, as far as reliable information is available.
Together with the updating of the year of origin, the technical data were updated where and when possible.
A lot of models already show the name and number designation according to the adopted policy, but further work has to be done in this respect. This updating is mostly done when a model is being updated for other reasons.
Based on the Philco Year Books 1940 and 1942, I could update the models from these years to a very high degree of completeness. Now I am in the process of updating the year 1941 and once that is finished I hope to work on the years 1946/1947.

If I would have Year Books of other years available, I could improve the database even further. Offers for those books would be welcomed very much.

Gidi Verheijen

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Thomas Bavis
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20.Jun.06 04:13

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You may find the '30s-50s Philco Service information on my web page of interest. You will need the DjVu browser plug-in from to view or print them.
Gidi Verheijen
Gidi Verheijen
NL  Articles: 211
Schem.: 2090
Pict.: 2739
20.Jun.06 13:10

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   3 Dear Thomas,

This Philco Service Information is a great help. Thanks for your kind reply.

Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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05.Jul.06 11:00

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   4 Interesting: If you type the term Philco models into Google-Search this article comes first of 500 thousand - but if you type the term Philco Radio or Philco Radios we are lost completely.

Philco Radios are quite well known and nice collecting items. therefore it is vital for us to list each Philco radio with its details if possible. Who can help us in this respect? If you can, please write to Gidi Verheijen.

Thank you, Thomas Bavis, that you offer some data to be looked up in your database for Philco Radios.

Hans Amberger is doing a wonderful job for Zenith in looking for pictures. If you like to do something similar for Philco Radios, please write to him. He can show you how he manages to get a lot of approvals to use pictures from eBay sellers or homepages. Please also don't forget to write a courtesy line if you use pictures from other source and that you have the approval.

Have you a Philco radio which is not yet in our data base or has no photo? Please change this. It is easy if you first click the blue info button.