tektronix: 511 Oscilloscope returns to Tektronix

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This article refers to the model: Oscilloscope Tektronix 511 (Tektronix; Portland, OR)

tektronix: 511 Oscilloscope returns to Tektronix 
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Pius Steiner (CH)
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In July of 1947 Tektronix shipped its first production oscilloscope—a Type 511, serial number 101. Dr. A. R. Tunturi; Director of Navy Acoustic Research at the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland, Oregon, took delivery on this instrument for the purchaser, the U. S. Navy.

For 13 1/2 years this Type 511 aided in providing Dr. Tunturi with reliable Information in his research work - electronic mapping of the brain. Knowledge gained in this research is valuable in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and for the possible importance of applying how the brain works to the development of a mechanical brain for guided missiles. During this time installation of several factory-developed improvement modifications aided this Type 511 to keep abreast of Dr. Tunturi's oscilloscope requirements. The instrument remained, however, essentially a Type 511 while Dr. Tunturi's work continued to advance. Eventually the need for a more sophisticated oscilloscope became undeniable.

Rudy Vuksich of the Tektronix Advertising Department could see reciprocal benefits in Dr. Tunturi's need for a more advanced oscilloscope and the Tektronix desire to return their original production instrument to its place of origin.

Accordingly, he assisted in working out a mutually beneficial agreement between the interested parties. In exchange for the Type 511, serial number 101, Dr. Tunturi accepted for the U. S. Navy a Tektronix Type 515 Oscilloscope, an instrument admirably suited to his present oscilloscope requirements.

Type 511, serial number 101 now stands proudly on display in the reception area of the Tektronix factory in Beaverton, Oregon. Every Tektronix employee expresses his thanks to the U. S. Navy and Dr. Tunturi for their co-operation in returning this instrument to us. We are proud of our "first born"!

Source: ServiceScope Feb 1961


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