telefunken output transformers

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? telefunken output transformers  
25.Sep.09 14:42

Stuart Matousek (GB)
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Stuart Matousek

I have a telefunken Concertino 8 , and am contemplating building a push-pull output arrangement in to it according to the circuit diagram for the Opus model. I am unsure about the output transformer , i would have assumed it to be a completely different one as the other is single ended, but the tappings look the same on both. Does anyone know are they the same or different , and if different where could I get a suitable output transformer for the output circuit of the OPUS 8 ?. Also not quite sure the existing power transformer and rectifier would handle the extra power, for 2 extra valve heaters and the extra HT drain when playing loudly! Any info greatly appreciated .    

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Buy another radio 
25.Sep.09 16:28

Emilio Ciardiello (I)
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Emilio Ciardiello

Dear Stuart,

my advice is to sell the radio you have and buy another with a push-pull out stage. There are too many parts that should be replaced for a proper and safe operation, including the power transformer, the rectifier, the filtering components, the output transformer and the speakers. To give an example, the power transformer could work fine for a short while, but prolonged operations could cause overheat, burns and also flames. And, also if you replace all the components that could fail or give problems, do you really believe that two or three extra watts give a true improvement in the audio quality?

Regards, Emilio

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