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tesla: 616A-2; TESLA

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Reinhard Hanschke
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16.Feb.09 19:00

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ich habe den TESLA 616-2 mit dem Suffix "a", also 616-2a. Ist dieses Gerät identisch mit dem bereits angelegten Modell TESLA 616-2 oder soll ich ein neues Modell anlegen ?. Im Katalog von Eduard Kottek ist mein Gerät nicht aufgeführt. Bei dem angelegten Modell 616-2 sind leider keine Bilder vorhanden.

Vielen Dank im Voraus !

Reinhard Hanschke


Gabriel Toth
Gabriel Toth
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01.Mar.09 10:57

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Dear Mr. Hanschke,

hard to answer, it is very tight difference between new model variation and model modification during production. Please have a look to website above, what I found only (unfortunately in Slovak only).

The suffix "a" can be a sign of some modifications: imported loudspeaker instead of Tesla one, different description and design of tuning scale, different roll-type capacitors (bitumen or glas filled), different type of electrolytic capacitors or some small modification on schematic.

My personal feeling is that the most important difference is the loudspeaker. My opinion is to make a new model proposal.









Reinhard Hanschke
D  Articles: 179
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Pict.: 386
01.Mar.09 23:43

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Hello Gabriel Toth,

many thank´s for Your information! I will than make a new model, appr. in 10 day´s.

By the way,  "RADIO HISTORIA" (SK) is a very important side! - but in my oppinion, they have a mistake:

TESLA 616 A OPERA is not existent, since not correctliy writen: Exact: 616 A, not with "OPERA". Please look Kottek, Your own moedel IC=70843, picture No. 3 by ID=70842 and my own model too.

In my oppinion: The 616 A is the beautifulest radio of the whole world !

Friendly greetings !